Winter Storm: Break for our Minimalist Homeschooling Home

I love a good storm.

Living in the Northwest we get lots of rain storms and every few years we will see snow in the valley.  This week the kids have been excited and they keep a close eye on the weather report, as there has been rumors of snow.  Not just a few flakes, but the kind that will keep us home for a few days.

I love being “stuck” at home.  Fire in the pellet stove, blankets and books.  We don’t end up missing school, and in some ways do more HOMEschooling than during the rest of the week.

The snow started yesterday about 10 am, and within an hour, all the public schools were canceling and sending the students home.  We don’t have snowplows, so even the first sticking snow becomes a huge deal in our area.  Now, if it were raining, we have a great system for sand bags and teams of people to keep the river from flooding the low city areas, but snow?  People panic and rush to the grocery store for staples and scurry home when the flakes start to fall.

This snow storm I don’t know what to do.  I usually found the storm a time to “catch up.”  To “organize”.  To “get-ahead.”  But I just did that over Christmas break when daughter came down with the flu and we stayed home for five days.  During that “break” I really pared down on our homeschool materials.  I sorted text books, keeping what I wanted, recycling some, and loading up a box for posting on Craig’s list or Paperbackswap  I organized my office drawers.  I sorted through our scrap paper box.  I feel like I have an organized schoolroom.

It feels really good.  I can enjoy this break.  What I dream of, is sitting by the fire, sipping my own cup of tea, and reading a book.  No nagging feeling that I “need” to tackle that pile of “stuff” behind the school room door.

It really feels good to see the progress we have made since August.  These are the benefits that I was aiming for when I started this adventure.

So, if I can plan a snow break minimalist retreat, today I will:

– sip tea by the fire

– make blueberry scones or muffins

– read our history lesson with daughter Emily from the overstuffed chair

– write a few emails to friends

– play in the snow

– pay bills on-line (have to get some work done today)


In reality . . . snow breaks don’t need plans.  I just love being free of a schedule to snuggle down and enjoy a cozy day schooling at home, being the unschooler for a day.

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